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Leisure Time

My husband’s Cloud Computing Conferences brings me to India. While there is internet in every hotel room and I can work wherever I go, today in Chennai, I choose to spend the morning hours by myself and “unplugged.” We used to call this sort of activity leisure time. The sound of the phrase wakes in […]

Hyper-Efficiency Disorder

  Hyper-Efficiency Disorder: Have you got it? Imagine with me if you will:  I am sitting here in this private little space, for 5 minutes alone with myself but I will use my time wisely planning and scheduling ahead. I will quickly write up these notes while getting a bite of lunch. The remainder of […]

A tool to help overcome insomnia

Those who experience the paralyzing effects of insomnia know what a tough ordeal it is to navigate on a daily basis. Similar to “a dry drunk’s” preoccupation with staying sober, “how to get enough sleep” becomes the thing we are focused on each day above all else. This continuous concern has an impact as well […]

A New View of Depression

Before you read about Depression and especially if you are depressed right now…. here's a little stretch you can use to get into a mindset so you can more easily entertain the possibility of opting out of depression, at will! If you have a pet observe how intensely he/she stretches his body and how each […]

Motivation Theory

Introduction It may be of interest to know that I have developed my views during the last decade. My website, in which I have initially organized the concepts and idiom I use, dates from 1999. The site is in Dutch and although I planned to, I never got to make an English version: . Life […]

Two Dutch Holistic Psychologists … PK2 Selfmanagement!

  Paul Kortman and Peter Kemperman are Dutch Holistic Psychologists who have an active practice in the environment of The Hague in the Netherlands, where they guide their clients into Self-knowledge. “Self-knowledge is a tool against dysfunction and disease” is what they stand for. In order to heal, a person needs to get insight and […]

On insomnia

Do you suffer from severe or ongoing insomnia? Are you ready to consider that the ultimate cause might actually be an unhealthy ‘Sense of Self’ you developed in childhood? That turned out to be true for me. Check it out! The inability to fall asleep or stay asleep is an occasional problem for some people, […]

On Butterfly-Hunting and Insomnia

This little story is a metaphor and aims to be an illustration of a particular psycho-emotional make up: the need to achieve certain results through doing particular things which, when done with a good result generate a certain kind of feel-good-about-self  – a feeling that is experienced deep down as a ‘right to exist’ or […]

Short Overview Holistic Psychological Model

Concise overview of the Holistic Psychological Model specifically targeted to the field of Alcohol and Drug Addiction. This Blog post aims at revealing the crux of my newly developed approach to solving issues of dysfunction in several areas of life: physical, mental and emotional health, issues with addictive and compulsive behavior, social issues from divorce, […]

Is Alcoholism a hereditary disease or a personal, avoidable problem?

As I am working my way through the one and only booklet that seems to be a guideline for gathering knowledge on what the facts are about alcoholism and which dates from 1981, Under the Influence*, I can’t still help to feel the need to publish my personal opinion. When I first started to look […]

Dependency on work

I found out I am totally dependent for my sense of identity on the outcome of my achievements. Many years ago it was my work as a bassoonist in a top class classical orchestra. At the birth of my first child I was struck by insomnia and I had to work out the problem. I found […]

Self-Knowledge as a tool against war

Have you ever noticed that you enjoy having power over others? Good willing people are doing their very best to ban from the earth cruel behavior by political decision making and setting up legislations that ensure that Human Rights aren’t being infringed.  We are all horrified by the stories of atrocities. But is being horrified […]