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his website offers a Holistic Psychology as the foundation for a Self-Help Model geared towards healing all sorts of ailments and dysfunctional aspects of our lives. It is based on 25 years of studying myself. During that time I recorded my thoughts and feelings, trying to make sense of them, because I often seemed to work against, instead of in favor of, my personal goals and ambitions.

Questioning and understanding my motivations was the key to getting insight into what I was all about, what I was ultimately after, and why things often went the opposite way.

The result is a theory of human motivation, covered in four sections: Introduction, Sense of Self, Motivation and Pathology. A fifth section, Recovery, contains exercises I used myself. They can be accessed through the menu on top of each page. At this moment the part of Recovery with Exercises and Meditations is still under construction as well as a substantial number of pages of the Pathology Section.

Some pages are written addressing you directly while on others the style is still very introspective. This website will remain a living work in progress for some time to come. I invite you to share your thoughts, thus helping to turn this work from a theory into a practical healing method.

Healing through a self-help method is hard work; I hope that this website will help you heal faster and with less pain along the way.

In the right sidebar you will always find the Site Guide, which contains my suggested path through the site, and the Site Map, which is a hierarchical view of all the content. I suggest you start with the Site Guide, or if you want to dive right into the content, start with the General Introduction to Theory.