About HolisPsych’s Theory

On this page three basic questions will be answered:

Who might benefit from working with this theory?

What types of ailments and dysfunctional aspects of your life might be healed by applying my findings to yourself?

What is required from you?

Who might benefit from working with this theory?

It is likely that you will be able to improve the quality of your life if any of the following describe you:

  • Something is ‘off’ but you are unable to find what it is
  • You’re not living up to your potential.
  • Doctors and therapies don’t make you better.
  • You have relationship challenges: marriage, children, social.
  • Are you addicted to work or other habits?
  • Are you are in pain physically? Emotionally?

By questioning my motives for everyday decisions I came to the conclusion that much of what I did was very compulsive. I wondered what made it that way. What was at stake for me? The full meaning of the answer to that question is difficult to understand: I didn’t have a sense of my Self as a ‘real person.’ Getting in touch with my very own Being has dramatically improved my quality of life.

My insight is new, original, and highly unconventional.  Who would think that there are people walking around in this life without a Sense of Self?  What does that actually imply?  Please don’t throw this idea away too quickly just because you don’t like the idea of applying it to yourself.  Please don’t toss out the idea too quickly just because you think it probably doesn’t apply to you; there are many people walking around without a healthy and natural Sense of Self.  I found out how having no healthy Sense of Self causes a lot of turmoil in one’s personal life and even in the world at large.  This approach might work for you too!  Just apply what you read hear.  No pills, potions, doctor’s visits, new religion, no new technology.

The solution is to strengthen your Sense of Self. Then you are no longer ruled by unhealthy and unnecessary subconscious motivations that often are the cause of your problems and pains.

What problems can be helped?

Healing your Sense of Self can alleviate an impressive variety of problems. I was astounded to find how many different types of problems all come down to the root cause of lacking a healthy Sense of Self. Some of these problems are:




Social problems

Marriage problems


Addictions of many kinds

“Something ‘off’ in my life”


Work-related problems

Anger with children

“Something holding me back”

Too much drama

Not productive and successful, but can’t sense why not

Motion sickness

Hurried nervousness

Lack of focus (in children)

Symptoms and problems show up differently for each of us, but I believe the root cause might be the same. The insights I share with you here might help you in your quest as they helped me in my own quest to get better life and health.

The theory, though wordy, is easy to understand. I’ve written stories, given lots of examples, and repeated the basic insights in many ways. Once you ‘get’ the ideas, you’re well on your way to your own healing!

What is required from you?

Getting to the answer just requires your open-minded willingness to look around inside your mind and feelings, and be honest about what you find.  I offer you some suggestions of what to look for. If you find what I think you’ll find, you can apply to yourself some suggestions and solutions that worked for me.

Reading this site, you might start to understand what happened in your life. You might realize you would benefit from working on restoring your Sense of Self. In the Recovery Section of the site you will find practical exercises and ways to train yourself in this reconditioning process.  Not only you but your family and friends will be happier!