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General Introduction to Pathology – Section

Based on my quarter-century of research on myself, this theory asserts that many ailments are a direct result of a person having a never–ending (though subconsciously held and operating) task of feeding the virtual reservoir of feel-good-about-Self as a Substitute Sense of Selff, which is due to a lack of a Natural Sense of Self.

The map below is extensively explained on the page ‘Map for healing Sense of Self’. It shows how anxiety is born on the path that goes from Ego-References to Substitute Sense of Self. Anxiety is often a symptom of the compulsive drive to accomplish the conditions of Ego-References and is either a stressor in itself or the cause of stress. Anxiety/Stress exhausts the person physically as well as mentally, which creates many physical and emotional/mental dysfunctions. Thus, anxiety can be considered to be the root of disease and dysfunction.

Why a Compulsive drive?

To get the Substitute Sense of Self in place is a need which brooks no compromise. It is a compulsory and compulsion-generating drive because the Substitute Sense of Self is a structure that is an absolute requirement for the person’s sense of ‘being.’ It keeps ‘a person without a natural, healthy Sense of Self’ from vegetating in a state of psychosis. The function of a Substitute Sense of Self for this kind of person’s psyche is comparable to the function of our spine which sustains our body; it is something that simply cannot be missing without causing total collapse.

The desperation in the need for the Substitute Sense of Self is because the root of that need is a life-or-death terror, a black hole, a fear of annihilation as a Being. That, obviously, results in extreme stress. This gigantic and unrelenting psycho-emotionally-based stress causes the body to malfunction in many ways, resulting in various symptoms and diseases.

In order to fully and finally heal, we need to deal not only with the symptoms or diseases, but, even more so, with the underlying cause: lack of a healthy Sense of Self. We need to work on Restoring the Sense of Self so we become free from dependency on the Substitute Sense of Self, with its resulting stresses, malfunctions, symptoms and diseases.

The kinds of symptoms and diseases addressed by this theory can be divided into the following sections. Each will be featured on one or more pages of this site. Please consult the site-map for an overview of the pages. There isn’t really a reading order in this section as each page deals with a specific disease of problem.

The sections are:

About Cancer and other very ‘physical’ diseases

Even though there might very well be a relationship between a lack of a healthy Sense of Self or a dependency on a Substitute Sense of Self as a cause of or contribution to illnesses such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and other diseases that are typically physical in nature, I have, for now, decided not to discuss such illnesses in my theory. The potential impact for people who suffer from those diseases is too big. False hope is a crime, I feel, and in the light of the fact that my theory hasn’t been confirmed by scientific studies and research, I am taking that step back.

From where I stand now, I can say only that, if you suffer from a serious illness, it absolutely would not hurt to consider the possibility of an influence from dependency on a Substitute Sense of Self, due to a lack of healthy Sense of Self.

AS I already did in the Welcome-message and in the specific Invitation page I also would like to, once more, invite you to share your experiences with me, which ultimately might lead to more insight in this matter.

A word on this website’s completeness

In the Welcome message I mentioned that ‘this website will be a work-in-progress for some time to come,’ which in other words means: it isn’t finished. The Pathology Section, especially, is in a beginning phase. I had to put the theory together first to see if it made sense and it did, so now I can pay more attention to further developments. I have a hunch and some proof in my own life that what I say about ‘many ailments possibly being the direct result of a lack of Sense of Self’ is true. I think it is a finding of utmost importance with lots of potential.

However, I am unable to work it all out on my own. I have done what I can do: put the theory out there, described some healing exercises I used, and mentioned my hunches based on my personal healing experiences about pathologies. It will be up to others, as time goes by, to immerse themselves in this theory, do the actual testing, and draw the science-based conclusions!

So the Pathology section will, for a while, need a lot of work. But I’ve presented the thoughts, and that is what counts at this moment. The section on Pathology is in no way to be considered a ‘proven’ thesis.
Please understand my intention to do the right thing by not withholding information showing the potential of my Holistic Psychological theory to be the foundation for a new disease model, yet on the other hand I don’t wish to imply that my theory is to be considered the ultimate solution to every disease. Please regard the pages on Pathology as offering a different way of looking at things that can have a positive influence on the healing of certain people in certain situations.

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