The reasons why I can be free

From my own process of Recovery, I have concluded that if my perception is that I am not being seen and heard, have no voice or face, then I will continue to create that reality! At this moment I am only discovering this whole new problem-solving field that includes visualization techniques, the Law of Attraction, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and many others. There is a wide array of possibilities when it comes to solving emotionally-based issues. How good they work I really am not in the position to say. One thing I have noticed: the empowering influence of positive thoughts: physically as well as psycho-emotionally. It could very well be true that our external circumstances do nothing more than reflect our inner world, how that our belief systems ultimately can be held accountable for what happens or not to us in life. I decided to not run the risk that this is just a fable and started to focus on becoming the master of my mind instead of the victim. Please note that this page is only an indication of what is out there these days and by no means complete…I see it rather as a way out of the Holistic Psychology on my way to a total new approach. However this approach would not have been possible for me if I hadn’t gone through the work of this Psychology.

Within the context of this work it doesn’t fit to elaborate on those topics but I do want to have mentioned them as a next step up the ladder of Self-improvement/healing. There are many books written on these subjects and I am not the person to mention them to you. The only thing I like to state here that based on the former information it is crucial to change my belief systems in positive ones so that I will create a reality that fits my needs and desires much better. A good way to get started on this new path is by Positive Affirmations that you repeat to yourself on a daily, even hourly basis.

Note: it is important to not use negatives in those statements! I found that out just recently so they are still in there…For great affirmations you need to find a way to express things in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming.) It leads too far here for me now to implement this new knowledge.

Here are a few examples of new perceptions I was, at some point, constantly reaffirming to myself:

I am being seen and heard.

I do have a voice; I do have a face.

I AM all ready and others are all ready to give me what I need! They are not my parents. They have not the same distorted needs and vision as my parents (maybe other distorted needs and visions, but that isn’t relevant here because I am not their child)

I actively have to change (fake it until you make it!) my perception around myself in those ways, and the following ways, too:

I do have a place/family/friends where I ‘belong.’

I AM part of a community whatever small. (Immigrants don’t have large communities if they travel alone).

I can feel safe.

I AM allowed to ‘be’ and I don’t depend on anybody giving me the green light to that. So I don’t need to work or achieve, or be a certain way (anymore) in order to deserve that green light!

I AM being taken into account if I believe I am, and if I do speak up!

I won’t have to suffer (again) the humiliation of being ridiculed!

I now do understand why I perceived things that way; because it used to be that way.

Now that I understand that, and I see that that was in the past, I now can make the decision that I don’t have to work on any Ego-References anymore.

I don’t need to realize/achieve any Hidden Agenda or Goals (acceptance) anymore.

I can choose my daily activities and goals freely based on what I like and what needs to be done instead of needing to choose them based on my need to have them function as ‘Vehicles‘ for improving/fulfilling my Ego-References (endlessly) on my way to the Hidden Goal.

For sure I have no need for a Substitute Sense of Self: my Sense of Self is Restored now.

I am free!

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