Hindrances – Obstacles

In this Theory, the terms ‘hindrance’ and ‘obstacle’ refer to any activity, event, or happening that is not geared toward or of help toward getting one’s emotional ‘high’. Thus it is subconsciously experienced as an actual interference with the realization of that goal. The goal is generated by the need to use this ‘high’ as a substitute for feeling ‘real’. The ‘high’ comes forth from being successful in fulfilling the required conditions that are perceived to be necessary to get the caregivers love and appreciation. In absence of the caretaker it is generated by the internalized judge of the person herself.

That ‘high’ is the closest they can get to having a sense of being an independent, adequate, alive person. Experiencing hindrances and obstacles gives rise to great fear and anger, even rage, because Annihilation is perceived to be lurking if the hindrances and obstacles result in failure to achieve the Hidden Goal of the ‘high’.

See also Rage, Depression, Substitute-Sense-of-Self-oriented goal, Early Childhood Survival System, Violence.