The Importance of ‘Sense of Self’ to the World

This theory argues that a lack of a Natural Sense of Self (Natural Sense of Self) in a person is one of the root causes of many aspects of human suffering. Thus I believe that all people should be educated to the idea that having a healthy, natural Sense of Self is most crucial in the world and in one’s personal life.

With human suffering I refer to all kind of suffering: the whole scale from personal unhappiness to WAR, which includes culminating conflicts and disagreements, psycho-emotional and mental ailments of all sorts [(depression, insomnia, bi-polar disorder (?needs investigation), Attention Deficit HyperactivityDisorder (?.. Needs investigation)], but also family dysfunction, child abuse and molestation, sexual aberration, physical disease and illness from common cold to serious illness and most importantly violence, crime and WAR!

I say one of the root causes as it seems to have to be acknowledged and accepted as an intrinsic part of human existence so far, that there is aggression and violence. I think of the element of competition between two (Alpha) males and women who thoroughly enjoy being a witness of a display of high levels of testosterone…isn’t it thrilling? It would be too good to be true to believe we could eradicate all aggression and violence and all disease and dysfunction, all conflict and WAR from our behavior but some of it seems rather to be innate to the human species and survival-of-the-fittest – and evolutionary directed.  Whether we like it or not, due to us being rooted in the kingdom of animal’s aspects of animalistic behavior will always pop up in our behavior.

My own experience leads me to presume that a lot of human suffering could be reduced or even eliminated if every person were thoroughly in touch with him-’Self’ or her-’Self’ and therefore would naturally behave in a responsible manner. When a person has an absence of a Natural Sense of Self, he or she is ‘blind’ and living in a ‘trance.’  If everyone had a Natural Sense of Self, everyone’s quality of life would be enhanced and world peace would be facilitated.

Therefore I regard the message of this website as being of utmost importance. I would like to invite education systems and their responsible leaders to consider how to integrate the insights and recommendations of this theory into the curriculum of elementary schools or even nursery schools. Parents and educators need to become thoroughly aware of this core aspect of psychological maturation. Ultimately I would like to find ways to reach everyone everywhere and help them to establish a healthy Sense of Self in themselves as well as in their children. Once established in these two generations, it will take increasingly less effort to make the world a better place for future generations.

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