Natural Sense of Self

A Sense-of-Self that has been developed to a healthy extent at the natural timing in a person’s life and has thus grown to be inherent to the person, so he/she never doubts it and is never without its influence from the subconscious mind.

A never-failing, generally mostly subconscious (and occasionally conscious,) inner knowing or steady, always-present usually subliminal awareness of being physically, mentally, and emotionally ‘present’ in/as a singular ongoing persistent existing entity who is distinct emotionally and mentally, as well as physically, from anyone else.

A steady and always-present sense of being an entity all by oneself, of having an ‘inner home base’/resource/touchstone that does not need to be earned and is not dependent on the outcome of anything, is not dependent on achievements or approval, and thus is not subject to annihilation like a Substitute-Sense-of-Self is. Once developed, it always abides in and affects us from our subconscious mind. It provides a base of freedom to live, act, and feel, while still being an enduring ‘myself’.