Direct Relationship with Self

(Contrast to Indirect Relationship with Self)

In a ‘direct relationship with your Self’ you experience your existence as independent of the outcome of your particular actions and behaviors. (See Hidden Goal/Hidden Agenda.) Your experience of ‘living’ includes a deep inner knowing of the fact that you are a person, (See Lack-of-Sense-of-Self) and knowing that you ‘are’ is a given, not dependent on any outside condition (in the terms of this theory) (See Ego-Reference.)

This deep experience of ‘I’ as an independently-existing Being stands completely behind or underneath your surface experience of ‘myself’ at all times. Your subconscious knows fully and ongoingly that you are alive and have the right to exist as who you are, and to take up space and time in the world. ‘I’ is a given that is never doubted. (See Fear of Annihilation.)

If you have a Direct Relationship with Self, you have good access to awareness of your true, authentic feelings, beliefs, needs, desires, preferences, and motives. These are not hidden from yourself or others, nor have you any need for adopting anyone else’s or faking your own for any reason. (See Ego-References.)

This Direct Relationship with Self is found only in a Natural-Sense-of-Self or a Restored-Sense-of-Self. It is entirely absent from a Substitute-Sense-of-Self, which includes an Indirect Relationship with Self.