The presence of occurrences that look like Self-Sabotage can be considered a symptom of an active SSoS-oriented System and it can help you back on the track of your ‘real’ and ‘own’ life, if recognized as such.

The concept of Self-sabotage as it is generally understood doesn’t cover exactly what this Theory means. Here we are not talking about actions which interfere with one’s own achievement of one’s own goals, in a person who has a healthy sense of being a distinct Being with autonomous power to act and create results in the world.

In fact, such a person doesn’t even engage in ‘self-sabotage’, self-sabotage has nothing to do with the Real Self and doesn’t aim at or involve the Quality-of-Life content of a person’s life. It needs to be clear though that as ‘collateral damage’, self-sabotage definitely affects the QoL-level experience in a negative way. Talking from this QoL-level experience it looks like self-sabotage is taking place but it actually occurs only in people who don’t have a ‘real self’ sense or experience.

What happens in people whose ‘sense of being a distinct and efficacious person’ is weak, and are vulnerable to the vibes they are getting from others? There are conflicting elements within their subconscious; there are too many things they must do and must not do that are incompatible with one another. These are constantly tripping them up and creating a high level of (psychological) stress, making it more difficult for them to reach their subconscious goal of getting the vibes they depend on to feel like ‘someone’.

The system is thus actually sabotaging its own desired outcome. You can imagine how fear-inducing, how bewildering, how frustrating this is to the person!

So in this theory, ‘self-sabotage’ doesn’t mean that a normal, psychologically healthy person is interfering with their own ability to achieve normal, healthy, quality-of-life goals. No, quite paradoxically the self-sabotage arises from and is aimed at interfering with the achievement of the unhealthy goals, within the same system which gave rise to those goals.

The system is thus creating its own sabotage of itself – as if it were a way for Nature to call your attention to and pull you back from a SSoS-oriented way of living. The thwarting of the SSoS-oriented outcome is experienced as a very frustrating event.

However, if you introspect sufficiently to spot the reality of what is going on within you, you will see the benefits of this Sabotage: it shouts at you, that you are wrongly motivated in life and that your goals are SSoS-oriented. That often means that you are aiming too high, for an impossible perfection demanded by your unhealthy goals! Nature pulls you back from that fictional world and confronts you with a problem that needs to be looked at.

You are forced to ask yourself the question: “Why is this happening to me, now?” Only if you ask yourself that question is there a chance you might find the answer – which then puts you on a trail toward your ‘real’ and ‘own’ life.

Now you can see that what seemed to be a negative experience is turning positive. Nothing is more valuable than to be prevented from ‘skipping one’s own life’! – no matter how promising the SSoS-oriented plan was. It was an ‘Early childhood survival strategy’ which was the best you and Nature could manage at the time, but it now needs to be replaced by a healthier plan!