Direct Motivation

Through the examples described on the Example Page you might have some understanding now of what I mean by ‘Direct Motivation.’  A short description might help you understand it better.

Direct Motivation is the most normal, natural and healthy kind of incentive for our actions and behavior. This theory focuses on Indirect Motivation because it is abnormal and understanding it has a great healing potential.

With Direct Motivation, the motives for our actions or behaviors are straightforward. The motives aren’t necessarily ‘in the open’ and easily talked about, but there is a straight line from the content of our actions or behaviors to their goal.

When our motivation is Direct, we have no agenda other than the one a person can observe or easily guess. The agenda is in logical relation with the goal which the content of the action or behavior shows or suggests.

When there is Direct Motivation going on in us, we do the thing for the sake of itself or for the joy it provides us doing it, or some practical obvious reason or goal.

What we do is what we are trying to get: we do the dishes to get clean dishes. The appearance of what we are doing and our goal are the same. We are going to the grocery store to get food in order to be able to eat and live. Period.

Direct motivation has nothing to do with proving something or trying to get-a-good-feeling-about-ourselves as a way of Sensing our Self.  Direct Motivation implies that we ‘already have (natural) Sense of Self (natural) Sense of Self  and are in no need to create a Substitute Sense of Self. If any of that’s going on, then the motivation is Indirect.

This last explanation is the one you have to keep in mind to better understand the point I will make.

Please click HERE and you will learn more about what I just said. What does Indirect Motivation look like?

Direct Motivation

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