Motivation Check Part 2

If you land on this page before reading Motivation Check Part 1, this won’t be useful to you. Please read that page first.

The forms below are to be filled in by you. The first one (#3) is to show the difference between both types of Motivation. In case the motivation is Direct there is no pathological process getting into action: a behavior or and action is envisioned for the sake of a simple, relatively obvious goal. There is a healthy congruency between the means and the goal. The feelings involved in this process are regular and healthy Quality of Life-level feelings.

However in case of Indirect Motivation the Agenda is Hidden but covered up by a Vehicle. The Ego-Reference is the means to get to the Hidden Agenda and/or Sense of your Self.

Over-excitement or butterflies-in-stomach, apprehension and excessive stress, possibly accompanied by insomnia are some of the feelings that may show up during living using Indirect Motivation. Another strong characteristic of Indirect Motivation is experiencing the compulsion of having to go on doing something until there is this ‘feel-good-about-Self.’

Motivation Check

You might want to make more than one copy of this chart, because as you study this website and learn more about yourself through introspecting, you will become increasingly clear about what to write here! So filling out a new copy of the chart every few weeks is a good idea.

Here you have a chance to write down your VehiclesEgo-References and Hidden Agendas. I highly encourage you to do this because it is a great help in learning to identify your Motivation Pattern, which is necessary to find out what your ultimate drive is and what that means in your life.

Identified pattersn of indirect motivation

Remember that a 4th column would be titled: Substitute Sense of Self! The column would state: ‘ Feel-good-about-Self’ due to having fulfilled the conditions required to get from the parent or caregiver a reaction that comes closest to ‘being dealt with as a real (existing, visible and audible) person.’ Remember a Substitute Sense of Self is in a temporary and unhealthy way ‘permission to be’.

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