Definition of Sensing

Sense of Self‘ is the foundational idea in this Theory, so it is beneficial to consider the meaning of both ‘Self’ and ‘Sensing.’

Sensing can be done in various ways, through using our regular five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) to notice things. (Many people agree that there is a 6th sense as well, based on or consisting of intuition, a ‘knowing’ without ‘knowing.’) Those senses make us ‘aware’ of things through their specific capacity.

We can ‘sense’ something subliminally, without conscious awareness that our sense is registering something. ‘Sensing’ as used in this Theory, however, includes a certain degree of ‘presence’ to the process. Sensing therefore is closely related to ‘becoming aware of.’  Sensing the Self is to be understood as ’being (more or less consciously) aware of the Self.’

In a human being, the core of ‘Self’ is always in an authentic state of actually existing, and is not subject to being damaged or modified through traumatic experiences or other pathological adjustments to the environment.

Note: I suspect that there are situations that are so traumatic that they can alter the experience of being a person and what they do to the Self-experience I am not in the positioin to understand.  I am referring to Holocaust-type experiences. I feel I do not have anything to say about that as I am speaking purely from my imagination here.  I mention this to make sure that whoever has undergone such life-altering experiences receives the utmost respect and my work certainly does not claim to include this type of experience nor drawing conclusions based on them.  My work aims solely to help people overcome everyday problems based on everyday type of mishaps during the child time development.

A person’s ability to sense that core, however, is extremely problematical and subject to disruption in the developmental process. So it is the lack of sensing that is the problem, and not the lack of Self. The Self is there but if it isn’t sensed with the 5 or 6 senses, then for all intents and purposes of living, it isn’t there!

If a person doesn’t have a sense of Self (Lack of Sense of Self) it means that there is no conscious awareness of the purest core of that person’s physical and non-physical being.  This developmental disability, based on a certain kind of psycho-emotional early childhood deprivation, has the direst of consequences lifelong,  but can be recovered from.

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