What does a Restored Sense of Self do?

You used to experience numerous dependencies on on the outcome of your actions and behavior and you were hankering to get a sense of satisfaction that would deeply fill you with relief. When you have achieved a Restored Sense of Self, that all vanishes into knowing that you are – and forever were meant to be – an independent, autonomous human being who is the Master of your Life (next to God, or the Universe, if you will.)

A Restored Sense of Self is the experience of finding a ‘home’ in your Self, where it is alright to take care of yourself and put yourself as a number ONE in your life, without having to feel egocentric or egoistic. I believe that we are given a body to manifest our soul’s intentions and it is up to us to manage that body and our life to make that possible. We were not meant to be ruled by others, consciously or unconsciously. (I am not referring to organizations that serve society such as governments and the like.) A Restored Sense of Self reflects the ultimate awareness of this position, after coming from a life in which there was no meaningful awareness of Self at all.

I’d like to emphasize that creating a Restored Sense of Self is a great challenge. Imagine that you have a piece of machinery that works in a predictable way but for it to function much more productively, effectively, and interestingly, something is missing. Now you have to figure out what it is that is missing. Not only that: then you have to build in what was missing, which is just as hard if not harder than figuring out what it was.

But do we have a choice not to persist in our healing efforts? Well, yes, actually many people choose not to persist because it is hard, and whatever they are doing seems more important. (And yes, it did seem that way to me at times in my recovery process.)

If you are like I was you are most likely having all sorts of problems at this very moment. Those problems might be caused, without your knowing it, by letting a Substitute Sense of Self-oriented System be the ruler of your life. Becoming aware of how you function or rather ‘cope’ as a human being, and what you can do to become the captain on the ship of your own life, is crucial for you at this point.

And if you choose to persist in gaining insight in this totally new approach to solving your issues and becoming your own boss of your own life, based on my personal experience, I claim that your Quality of Life will be greatly enhanced. Having a Restored Sense of Self is an indication that you have successfully dealt with many of the issues in your life through replacing a Substitute Sense of Self by an intrinsic awareness of your own value and right to exist.

With a newly-gained conviction that it is OK to be just the way you are, that just by being born you have a right of existence equal to other people, you will feel calmer and more balanced, more able to get a grip on or get clear about what you really want and what needs to be done. You will be able to have a ‘direct relationship’ with yourself and with the things in your life and take action based on Direct Motivation, which means for the sake of the content of your actions, not for a Hidden Goal of ‘feel-good-about-Self‘ or to ‘earn someone’s respect.’

You will then be able to get a real sense of who you are, and you will be able to make decisions and choices based on that awareness which are geared towards your well-being and the expression of your (Real/Authentic) Self.

It is safe to expect that most likely in your Psyche and emotional body there will always be a residue of a Substitute Sense of Self-oriented System, but there is, as well, an endless road for improvement and growth.

Check out the Lego and Clay Demo

When you have understood that video, the following description will make sense to you:

In a Restored Sense of Self, the third layer of Self is straightened and attached to the second layer so that now both the 4th and the 5th layer of Self are well supported and have a chance to be healthy. When the third layer of Self has healed from perceiving itself as part of someone else to really seeing the reality of being an independent autonomous human being, the health of the psycho-emotional and social layer falls into place.

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