Introduction to the Natural Sense of Self

The Page on ‘the Development of Sense of Self’ explains in detail the interpersonal requirements for development of a healthy Natural Sense of Self in infancy.

If a person has a reasonable, prosperous life with not too many issues, problems, or pains, it would be generally safe to say that the person most likely has a Natural Sense of Self. That doesn’t mean that a person with a Natural Sense of Self can’t run into problems or disease. The theory of this website wouldn’t stand up to that kind of illogic. Life isn’t perfect; no person is perfect.

Let me grab this opportunity to affirm that my theory doesn’t state any ‘ultimate truth’. I want only to offer some explicit concepts for aspects of our life and psychological functioning that used to be (as far as I knew when I developed the concepts) not widely recognized, identified, or paid attention to. My purpose is to help all of us get a grip on hard-to-eliminate bad habits and mysterious ‘character flaws’ and more than anything else, to help us create more peace in the world.

With those thoughts in your mind, please in the following pages explore the differences between the types of Sense of Self and their impact on the person, her environment, and the world.

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