Where does a Restored Sense of Self come from?

This Theory encourages you to spend time and effort observing your own behavior and do thorough introspection, followed by an analysis of your findings done with the utmost honesty. When we do that, it is possible to recognize whether our lives are ruled by a Substitute Sense of Self-oriented System instead of truly by our Selves. Fearlessly scrutinizing our Motivation, might reveal to us that we are pursuing a Substitute Sense of Self-oriented Goal and that deep down inside we are after a so-called ‘Hidden Agenda’. We might get in touch with the inner causes of our emotional states, our addictions and compulsions, and in that way find the proof of our Lack of a Natural Sense of Self.

We then might want to take action to replace our Substitute Sense of Self with a healthier Self-awareness, which will help us to lead happier and more productive lives. Then we will finally establish a true (‘direct’) connection with our Self, our truly own individual being, and make sure to keep that contact going. Attaining a Restored Sense of Self is proof of ultimate Self-acceptance and a reconditioning of ourselves to a new inner reality: we now are fully in touch with and connected to the bodily, emotional, and psychological aspects of our own being, instead of being enslaved to circumstances and to other people.

To achieve this healthier version of a Sense of Self you need great persistence and endurance. There will be a gigantic psycho-emotional pull back into the old Substitute Sense of Self-oriented System which will try, with the power and intensity of a force of nature, to do what it was made for as a survival system: keep functioning at all cost.

With perseverance, consistent therapeutic exercises, continual awareness and complete honesty towards ourselves, we will be able to chase away ‘the Black Hole’ caused by the absence of a Natural Sense of Self,  a psycho-emotional black hole which used to absorb every little bit of our life’s effort and life’s energy in order to create and maintain a Substitute Sense of Self.

All this and more is the meaning of implementing and living what this theory calls a Restored Sense of Self.

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