How does a Restored Sense of Self feel?

When you have restored your Sense of Self you feel much more in balance compared to the former state you were in; you are able to look at things with your own eyes and to make sensible conclusions and decisions. Commonsense kicks in! It feels as if your body gets more oxygen; your muscles don’t tense up so easily; your nervous system comes to rest. And what’s more, all this gets better every day!

There are numerous processes in your life that go much more smoothly: you sleep better, you don’t quarrel as much, anxiety is gone. Emotionally you are balanced and not afraid of your own behavior! No desperate need for a high. The calm inner-knowing that you are OK makes you more approachable to others. So you have more friends, if that is what you like, but this time without dependency. Relationships stand a much better chance. You have a better focus and energy. No compulsive/obsessive behavior anymore. Panic attacks and suicidal thoughts are of the past. Excessive muscle tension has decreased or disappeared and you are smarter with money. You are not so defensive and overly sensitive as you used to be, and criticism isn’t the end of the world anymore. You ‘have a life’ and nobody can take that from you!

It is important to know that  Sensing your Self as in a Restored Sense of Self, especially in the beginning, is a subtle experience. In the modern world our senses are continuously exposed to  loud and intense stimuli: the quality and frequency of input of television, movies, computers, cell phones and loud music in our lives may very well have made us less sensitive to the subtleties of the signals of our own bodies.  In addition, the intensity of traffic and the 100 % attention that we need while participating in traffic, as well as the continuous hurry that we are in – these are types of experiences that are totally different  from the subtle experiences we can easily overlook when we finally decide to turn our attention inwards to Sense our Self.

Thus, if you want to know more quickly and easily how a Restored Sense of Self feels, you’ll need to arrange your life to be quieter.

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