What does a Natural Sense of Self do?

It is precisely a Natural Sense of Self that enables us to experience ourselves as being alive, present in the here and now, as being a distinct ‘someone’ different from other ‘some ones.’ In regular circumstances a Natural SoS (and a Restored SoS) allows us to focus on getting things done (in the simple ordinary meaning of that) and enjoying being alive.

Our Sense of Self, be it Natural or ‘Restored,’ is the one and only abiding experience we might call a ‘safe haven in life.’ Underneath everything I might like or not like about myself or life, and underneath everything life and others throw at me, there is the simple bedrock of ‘I am.’ It is the place we retire to when we feel exhausted or are going to sleep. It is the place we withdraw into when we need to replenish our energy. A Natural Sense of Self opens us up to experience joy and personal satisfaction. A Natural Sense of Self allows us to be free to truly experience what we truly feel, and to relate to other people authentically, without filters of any kind, and to feel compassion.

Pretty much everything comes and goes, in life. Even our body grows and changes, even who we experience ourselves to be grows and changes. What persists unchanged is the ‘I am, I exist.’ One could say it is all we actually have and are.

A Natural Sense of Self, as much as a Restored Sense of Self , allows us to focus on getting things done driven by a Direct Motivation, because we don’t have to worry about getting a ‘sense of being in existence’ in complicated, covered-up (hidden to ourselves and others) ways. We perceive/know/assume that we ‘are’ and that is that. We don’t even question it. A Natural Sense of Self enables us to direct our intent to things and actions for ‘their own sake’ without having to struggle with dependencies on the outcome of our actions (link to Ego-References) to make us ‘feel-good-about-Self.’

When a Sense of Self has developed in us as it naturally should, we are able to live with no other foundational goal in life than ‘doing what we like or what needs to be done.’ There is no ‘Hidden Agenda.’ (See Substitute Sense of Self). We are the Master of our Life – as far as a human being can be considered to be the Master of her or his own Life; ultimately we always are subject to a ‘Higher Power.’ We ‘own’ our existence which is a foundation and fertile soil for the development of positive qualities, characteristics and life experience.

To learn more about a Natural Sense of Self please study the chart (link), which is a ’Comparison of Natural Sense of Self, Substitute Sense of Self, and Restored Sense of Self.’

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