Introduction to the Restored Sense of Self

Even if you have been living for decades with a lack of Sense of Self, which results automatically in a dependency on a Substitute Sense of Self, it is possible to move on to the situation of having your Sense of Self Restored.

Even if you have no memory of ever having felt that you really lived in such a way that you can say that you ‘owned your (own) life,’ we speak about RE-storing the Sense of Self which implies it has already been there and was gone. That implication isn’t true, but we believe that ‘having a Sense of your Self’ is such an intrinsic, necessary part of being a human-being that the seed of it always has been there. Just, in some cases, it never got a chance to develop properly, healthily, fully.

Now, if you work hard and successfully at your Recovery process you will finally get to know your own preferences, tastes, and inclinations. You can make choices based on those as you don’t have to worry anymore about giving all your time and energy to keeping up with the maintenance of the Substitute Sense of Self – oriented System: fulfilling your (former!) Ego-References needed to reach your (former!) Hidden Goals, needed to be able to refute the negative beliefs about your self, so you could experience a ‘feel-good-about-Self‘ as a Substitute Sense of Self. With a Restored Sense of Self you experience the freedom that is the birthright of every human being, but now you know that for you, it wasn’t given freely. You had to work hard for it because of the abnormal, deprived situation in your early childhood which resulted in your needing to (subconsciously) develop a Substitute Sense of Self.

Those who have a Natural Sense of Self have more chance to select situations and people based on their intrinsic nature because they are only ‘themselves’, not someone else. With a Restored Sense of Self you come very close to that positive situation, perhaps even being in it. My experience is that it is a tremendous change for the better in my Quality of Life.

In this section we will explore what a Restored Sense of Self actually is, where it comes from, what it does, and how it feels.

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