Overview of the Substitute Sense of Self oriented System

The Substitute-Sense–of-Self-oriented System is the collection of psycho-emotional desires, beliefs, motives, and needs we, human-beings, come up with a strategy to fill in the void that exists when our primary caretaker doesn’t give us acknowledgement as a real, distinct Being, so we have a Lack of Natural Sense of Self instead of being able to develop a Natural Sense of Self. This System serves to give a (surrogate, unhealthy, compensatory, problem-creating) structure to our life.

It seems useful to give a short overview of the concepts that form the whole unit of the Substitute Sense of Self-oriented System and the links to the pages where the concept is described in detail.

These components are:

Substitute Sense of Self


Hidden Agenda or Goals



Indirect Motivation

Feel Good About Self

Substitute Sense of Self-related Fears

Early Childhood Survival Strategy


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