My Vow

Why have I created this theory and site?

My Vow as a Little Girl

Boskoop 1948

I was born in the Netherlands (Holland) right after World War II. My young ears must have heard the terrible stories of the Holocaust and other war stories. Was I about four years old when I walked with my father over the ruins of what used to be the beautiful city of Groningen in the North of the Netherlands? Anyway, I made a vow to myself then, that someday I would do something to help prevent WAR!

Over half a century later, this is my offering – the fruits of my life experience and long effort to understand the roots of my personal problems. I discovered that the root of my problems (and possibly yours) is quite similar to the root cause of war. By studying my theory, you will probably come to the same astonishing discovery.

You will come to understand how a Restored Sense of Self can result in a more productive and happier life and may also help prevent WARS BETWEEN people, between nations, by ending the WAR WITHIN ourselves.

Thank you for being here, and working, with me, toward my goal of less human suffering!