Contributions Alia Aurami described

My contributions to the development of this site by Rev. Alia Aurami

I contributed to the creation of this website in a variety of ways.

“I helped with clarity of ideas and contributed suggestions for wordings for ease of understanding. I pointed to parts of the text with suggestions for greater conceptual precision, and suggested organizational improvements to facilitate the readers’ experience.

I also supported Annet’s personal journey toward a Restored Sense of Self and have been supported and facilitated in my own.

As a creative assistant I also supported her wider vision of widespread use of the Theory and of her creative and dramatic Recovery practices, in schools, as well as by therapists and others.

I’ve also been a cheering section for her extraordinary effort and devotion in bringing this potential benefit to the world, fulfilling the vow she made as a little girl to do something to end war.

I deeply enjoyed the mutual admiration society and friendship we’ve developed going ‘through thick and thin’ in the co-creative process.

I’ve had my own ministry enriched through this service to something so profoundly beneficial. From my own studies and my own life, I was able to see the context in psychology and philosophy and spirituality Annet doesn’t yet have (just for not having read widely yet) and seen how admirably her work fits in and expands/extends and deepens what is available from others that I am aware of.

I have come to admire profoundly the decades of lonely inner work Annet devoted to figuring out what was going on in her psyche, and inventing ways to heal that – the courage it took her, countless times, to face unpleasant or frightening truths about herself, to step into the unknown, to do new things which her subconscious screamed were dangerous.

I have appreciated the patience, cooperation, and support her husband and daughters gave her through the years, and their considerable active service to the project of this website.

This website isn’t the end of my calling to support and facilitate Annet’s vast vision for realizing the potential benefits of this work to the world, so we go forward from this time in celebration of the accomplishments of all who contributed to this website and in anticipation of the joy of further co-creating.

I am in awe of the monumental, unimaginable number of hours it has taken Annet to bring the resource of this website to you.

How did we get started together on this?

We saw one another several times at local meetings of a group focused on Eckart Tolle’s A New Earth book, popular at the time due to the series Oprah did on television with Eckhart Tolle. Then Annet attended some meetings my church hosted on the same book, and we had some conversations about her interest in the idea of Self, and how greater education about this would benefit people. I felt a complete resonance and admiration for this vision, and I encouraged Annet to continue moving it into manifestation.

And she, in turn, challenged me to articulate what my experience of Self was: “How do you know you have a Self?” That was a stretching experience!!

Then when Annet invited me to help her bring her work into publically available form, I knew immediately this was one of my ‘callings’ as a minister, and it is now  ongoingly one of my ministries.

We started with long talks in which she explained her theory to me and with my background in psychology I was able to understand it pretty easily even though her concepts and terms were unique to her theory. There were lots of questions back and forth. We have a lot of recordings of those conversations which are rich resources for her future work, and we have lots of writing from that time from which she so creatively fashioned the presentation via these webpages.

Annet has also put together and very successfully and graciously “project-managed” a team of helpers for this website project, which has been a joy for me to participate in.

The effects on the world I foresee

The people who take advantage of what Annet has worked so hard (internally and externally) to make available can become more authentic; they can feel happier and safer; every aspect of their lives can improve: health, work, relationships, and spiritual life. People who read and process this work can be more empathic, which means they can become kinder, more tolerant, and less violent. A worthy ministry indeed!!

From my spiritual point of view, it’s exhilarating to see how Annet is so devotedly fulfilling what I consider to be her Divine Life Purpose. And surely it must be part of mine to facilitate hers. Plus, in several ways, she and her work are facilitating mine. It’s been a joy to have a working and personal relationship with someone who has achieved the level of mental health she has fought for and hard-won – and who simply is a very fine person.