Thank You

To Alia

A deep and heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you, Alia for helping me through times of doubt and hardship by believing in what I had to say. Your elevated and non-judgmental approach were as water to the seed of my thoughts and thinking – and you know that a seed without water can be a seed for a long time but eventually it’ll need water to grow and flourish. I have to admit that this is not my image but Gregg Braden’s, albeit not an exact quotation.

Thank you for your stress-free approach, your ‘living-with-the-flow’ which was the only approach that would work for me and that is such a rare quality in people these days. Only this view on things opens doors to synchronicity and ‘what-is-meant-to-be’ confidence, which is the route to go with a work of this caliber.

Thank you for giving the work priority when needed and letting it sit when it had to mature. Your deep understanding of the issues at hand, and of the human psyche and soul have been an angelic contribution, without which this work would not exist in the shape and form it now has. Clarity in such a complex subject is certainly not coming from an ‘English-as-a second-language’ person like myself. Your having the benefit for the greater good in mind when giving your time to this Theory, is a great gift to humanity, and I am sure many people will owe you for that.

I am honored to have gotten to know you better. I have really enjoyed the process of building this work with you as a team whenever the process allowed that J . I have learned through working closely together that people have a right to stay their own person even when that means ‘not agreeing.’  I also have learned that ‘not agreeing’ doesn’t mean the end of a friendship but rather a beginning.

To Lily

A deeply-felt ‘Thank you’ to you Lily, for the way you have performed in what I asked you to do. Not only were you punctual and neat in what came out of your hands – or should I say out of your computer – but you were dedicated and available. You always were prompt in doing what needed to be done and  your dedication clearly showed each time you offered those little suggestions, for example for editing a file, that made my life so much easier.

Your heartwarming presence as a person – as well as your family members who have been very supportive and productive – is a true asset to and to my personal life. I am truly in awe of the way you deal with your personal challenges, and how you never let them interfere with the work you are asked to do.

I consider myself lucky to have run into you at the appropriate time, because without you (and your family), this project would have a lot less visual aids and promotion material than it proudly has at this moment. Thanks for offering your good and creative energy!

To Werner

A heartfelt thank you to you my dear husband! Through thick and thin you have believed in me, and it has taken about 25 years if not a little bit more, to see the fruits of that investment.  I sincerely hope that the various ‘returns’ will lighten somewhat the burden of your providing for a family with cross-continental lifestyle.

The digital age has, like all other things under the sun, an ‘up-‘ and a lesser side to it. However I am very grateful for your expertise of ‘all-things-digital’ as it has been a secure base to start this project on and as a continuous force of support it has been of crucial importance to make it a success.

To Laura

To you, Laura, a loving ‘thank you,’ not only for your artful drawings and their high-quality execution. Thanks to the fact that I was your first boss, I have been able to benefit from your drawing and designing skills.

No one but you could have realized my vision of what the front page should look like. I had great fun communicating with you about making our little projects come to life, and you picked it up so effortlessly. I still think you should do a course in faux-finish, but I am well aware that you have so many talents that choices need to be made.

Having been your ‘boss’ on this project, Laura, I know you will have great success with whatever is going to be your way of making money.

To Kim

Kim, I am so very grateful for your ongoing support of the ideas of my work. I know you have been in a bind to get this project done, that you took on for me. But next to the movies effectively being created, it was good to share with you the explanation of the layers of Self where you helped me to get the right wording so that young people would also be interested and able to read it.

A fresh approach to a difficult subject is what you brought to the visual aids and also in your suggested strategy for my working with the Social Media. I am truly happy that you helped my project reunite our family in a combined support.