Background HolisPsych’s Theory

How did it all begin? – a note on the background of this theory

As a more general background sketch I want to mention here my early childhood decision of wanting to do something to help prevent or reduce WAR and that, as an adult, I always carried in the back of my mind. So in me there was a readiness to look at life and the way we are used to living it, up close.

Then, when I was about 40, I started to sense that there was a big part of me that seemed to have no say over my well-being and that kept me in a sequence of struggle and anger, and in a continuous cycle of insomnia. I had to look into what was going on with me and in me.

After twenty-five years of introspecting, recording my thoughts on tape, and keeping a diary, I was finally able to recognize certain patterns in my feelings and experiences. I more or less forced myself to realize the truth about what motivated me in life.

I discovered what I was actually after – and how that something ‘ruled’ my life – and how it ultimately pointed to the real reason for all my problems and pains: I didn’t have a healthy Sense of being a ‘Self.’

So my theory is based on Self-Knowledge, which is a concept in Psychology.  But it doesn’t mean I am, or you are, ‘mentally ill.’ It just means we didn’t have ideal childhoods, and we’re still saddled with some unhealthy subconscious strategies of living we developed to cope back then, but don’t need anymore – because they are creating more problems than they solve!

In other words, the strategies we developed subconsciously as little children don’t serve our well-being in the present; old habits are hard to break, though!

By healing my childhood wounds around my Sense of Self, I’ve dramatically improved the quality of my life. It could also be the ‘key’ to a better life not only for you but through you for your loved ones and work environment as well.  The positive results of the de-activation our false motivations may even have an effect on world peace.

What’s in it for you?

I’m here sharing because I believe that what is true for me might also be true for many other people.  Maybe YOU!  Reading through this website and applying what you learn to your own situation is free of charge, doesn’t require pills or potions or a change of religious beliefs. If you have questions or comments please use the contact-form. Together we know a lot more and we can turn this new theory into an effective healing method.