Why and How HolisPsych’s Theory Works

A Holistic Approach

Our body, our mind, and our emotions are healthy or unhealthy together, not separately. Disease in one part of our being is likely to have both causes and effects in the other parts of us. Healing all the parts is really the best and sometimes the only way to heal many problems.

Your True Motivation is the key

The key to your self-assessment and healing lies in closely observing your motivations for your everyday choices and decisions about what to do or not do. Ultimately you are going to be making these choices and decisions more consciously, and from healthier motivations. The beneficial effects of this healing method are noticeable in body, mind, emotions, relationships, finances, and work – every area of life.

My theory guides you to take a close-up look at what motivates you in your everyday life. Questioning your actions and behavior – and the drives behind them – enables you to discover what you are ‘all about.’

Like me, you might discover that your feelings of exhaustion and struggle are based on having conflicting subconscious ‘Hidden Agendas’ to get certain results from your actions.

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