HolisPsych.com as a company

The history

At first there were just a whole lot of problems in my life and no solution, and it was all confined to my personal life. I didn’t settle for medication or giving in to various well-meant suggestions that only covered up my lack of understanding of my issues, especially my insomnia.

So, next, there was long and intense introspecting. I tracked back into my own motivations for my ways of thinking and behaving to a source that I found needed healing. I had to invent my own words for it: a lack of Sense of Self needed to become a Restored Sense of Self.

Next. there was a lot of material that needed to be saved and stored. There was written journaling, plus huge numbers of tape recordings of my spoken journaling, and last but not least, in my head there were findings, hunches, and lines of speculations and invented concepts that tied findings and hunches together.

Meanwhile, there was me, who was still ongoing in the process of implementing my own created/invented suggestions for how to heal my Sense of Self. For me that was like learning (again) to walk: constantly getting up, falling over, (back into my Substitute Sense of Self-oriented System) and getting up again.

All of that was a ‘day-job’ for years, among raising the kids and household chores, during periods of relocation and adjustment to new environments. Then one day not too long ago an office appeared in my life…and all the books, recordings, writings, CDP (Chemical Dependency Professional)-material went in there and out of the house: what used to be my problem was going to be my profession.  The house was clean, the kids were in college, and my status had changed from victim to expert.

The people

I was so lucky to encounter the people who have been a tremendous support for the development of what was a concept of my mind into the underlying Holistic Psychological Theory or Model.

Rev. Alia Aurami is my ‘writing-improver’ and creative assistant. She has been continuously challenging the new formulas and the verbal wrapping paper in which they see the light. She also takes care that the language used is understood by others than myself. Alia listened to my premature Theory to see if it made sense at all. She helped in effectively taking this project seriously, and helped me believe in its worth and value. Her knowledge, wisdom, and egoless availability are a foundation-stone of the monument that HolisPsych’s Theory really is.

There is Lily Burns, who presented herself in my life at the right moment as my personal assistant, and did numerous invaluable jobs from taking care of the logistics of print jobs and Power Point designs to browsing about specific subjects in order to get a clearer view of them. Lily also did the set-up and maintenance of the HolisPsych.com’s social-media accounts.

There is Werner Vogels, my husband and computer wiz, who is HolisPsych.com’s digital backbone and who shows up always at the right time when there is a computer challenge at hand. He has set us up on ‘Basecamp,’ a software-as-a-service-program, that enabled us from the early stage onward to always have our files backed up and traceable through different versions, to set deadlines, keep To-Do lists, and send messages. It feels great to have a technician on board. Without one not much is possible this day and age.

Then there is Laura Vogels, my eldest daughter, recently moved to NYC from London where she studied to be an actress. She has such a fine drawing hand that I was happy to make use of her skills which you see displayed in this website, and she liked to earn some extra money.

There is Kim Vogels, my youngest daughter who lived in London for 4 years. She currently is an actress in NYC as well. Making room in her busy schedule of being a student at the Lee Strasberg Institute for Theater and Film, Kim offered her voice-over and movie-making skills’  by creating a big part of this site’s visual and audio aids. She contributes as a source for advice on the technical aspects and the appropriate use of today’s Social Media.

HolisPsych.com’s Mission Statement!

Our mission is to expand the idea of the importance of a healthy and strong Sense of Self to eliminating many aspects of human suffering; in short, our mission is for a better world!

What is the next step for HolisPsych.com?

The theory is complex and pretty tough to really ‘get’. I suspect that most people would need training to become proficient in understanding and using/applying it to their own lives. Ideally, HolisPsych.com would train instructors who then can help people with a wide array of problems (LINK]. For that, we will need a bigger team, greater online presence, and, ideally, an (online) home-study course for individuals who want to help themselves as well.

We can help people gain better health as well as teach employees to be happier and healthier people so their contributions to the businesses they work for are of higher quality. We can help in the field of Addiction to identify the lack of people’s Sense of Self and help them in gaining a Restored Sense of Self so their Recovery from Substance or other abuse is more successful.

We can help in the field of education (including in school systems) by talking to children about the importance of a Sense of Self and giving them practical ways to develop a healthier sense of self despite their family situation. Families in disarray because of child-rearing issues or marital problems can be taught how to work on themselves, thus greatly contributing to the greater good. We can help people deal effectively with anxiety, depression or insomnia.

We’d love to hear your comments, suggestions, questions, or concerns about any aspect of the theory, the site, its implications or applications. You can contact us via email or through the Contact Form in the Menu Bar of this site’s pages.