Time Line

1946  born in Boskoop – the Netherlands

1959  begin High School (5 years)

1963 completed High School ‘Middelbare School voor Meisjes’ (High School For Girls)

1967 undergraduate studies French Language to become a French teacher (Akte Middelbaar Onderwijs-A)

1968 Secretary at the ‘Holland America Line’ in Rotterdam

1972 Bachelor in Music (bassoon Instruction and Orchestra Performance)

1972 -1987 career in various Dutch Symphony Orchestras as a bassoonist, most of the time in the Amsterdam Philharmonic Orchestra; regularly substituting in various Dutch Orchestras plus a private practice as bassoon instructor

1977 – 1980 relationship I

1980 – 1983 – relationship II

1977 – 1980 First romantic relationship

1980 – 1983 – Second romantic relationship

1983 Trip to Thailand; instruction to students of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok

1984 meeting my husband and marriage

1984 Met Werner, got married

1985 birth of 1st child; start insomnia and introspection activities

1988 birth of 2nd child; severe face aches during pregnancy for about 18 months (not diagnosed)

1991 move to Portugal/ Algarve

1992 move to Lisbon, Portugal

1994 move to USA/ Ithaca NY

Took semi-professional Course in Homeopathy

1995 Opening website ‘Holistic Psychology’ (Dutch): A Motivation Theory

1995 Put up website ‘Holistic Psychology: A Motivation Theory’ (in Dutch language)

2001 Started violin lessons at ITE (Ithaca Talent Education)

2001 Co-foundation ICO (Ithaca community Orchestra)

2002 Foundation ‘Music and Well-being’ (string quartets); development Course about how to find the way back to your Self in music (to reconnect; Restore the Sense of Self)

2002 Started ‘Music and Well-being,’ a string quartet; developed a course for professional and amateur musicians alike about how to find the way back to your Self in music (to reconnect; Restore the Sense of Self)

2003 Teacher of American Accent (teaching American pronunciation to a Chinese Doctor)

2003 April father died (90)

2003 September brother (54) died (alcoholic diabetes)

2004 Moved from Ithaca NY to Seattle WA area. Dropped violin studies, focused more on piano.

2007 Set up second home in Bergen, the Netherlands

2007 Enrolled at Bellevue Community College in program for certification as CDP (Chemical Dependency Professional). The goal was to find out about the state of the art of Alcohol and Drugs Dependency, develop my skills in American English, and learn more about American school systems. (Upon launching the site it is 2011; I had to abort the studies with only a few classes to go but the website required all my time.)

2009 Started with review, translation, and extension/elaboration of Dutch Holipsych.com website into English website, in collaboration with Rev. Alia Aurami, Ph.D.

2011, June 20 launching Website Holistic Psychology ‘Holispsych.com’ including several Blogs

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